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US: Oracle DBA

Date: 27-Feb-2013
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Database Administrator

The successful candidate should have hands-on technical experience in the installation, configuration, tuning and use of Oracle databases in support of enterprise grade applications. Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) experience is highly desirable. Unix/ Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience is a plus.

Knowledge, skills and abilities required for this position. Intense technical problem solving skills are a daily requirement of this position requiring honed analysis and troubleshooting expertise. This position provides support for all databases under the responsibility of the Technical Services department. Typical education or training required for this position (including licenses). Education: Bachelor's degree+ in a related discipline or equivalent experience.

Training: Computer course work or OJT in systems administration and analytic thinking. Length of time and type of experience required for this position. 5+ years of relevant experience in a focused range of computer-oriented disciplines: systems administration/databases, technical analysis, troubleshooting, and technical documentation.


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