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US-MA: Bioinformatics Database Expert

Date: 12-Dec-2012
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Bioinformatics Database Expert

•Works with the Translational and Bioinformatics Line Architect to provide efficient data solutions for targets, genes, and pathways.

•Maintains up-to-date Databases supporting precision medicine; creates schemas, designs, develops, tests, and implements stored procedures and triggers; conducts tunes application and query performance; assists with the development and administration of data warehouses; writes code to automate database tasks using MySQL, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Designer/2000, PERL, Shell Script, TOAD, and Windows NT/2000. •Designs and implements moderately complex databases solutions as part of a team •Provides input and content to technical documents required for SLC processes •Mentors other developers in the group on database use and query skills.

•MS. in biological sciences or related discipline or 3+ years of experience in a bioinformatics related discipline •BS in computer science or 3+ years experience in information technology Experience •Required: experience with bioinformatics, genomics and other “omics” technologies and associated databases of biology data •Two years experience developing data intensive bioinformatics solutions for Pharmaceutical R&D or biotech •Two years experience with data management, database design and development •Experience in Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, PERL, Unix/Linux shell scripting, TOAD, Windows, and Unix/Linux •Demonstrated IT industry knowledge and experience

•DBA Skills or Oracle certified with a background in biology is a plus

•In depth knowledge of database administration in general and Oracle and MySQL specifically •A good understanding of the pharmaceutical drug discovery process •Strong technical, analytical, and problem solving skills •Strong communication abilities •Familiarity with the data sources commonly used in bioinformatics

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