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US-VA-Herndon: Database Administrator

Date: 31-Oct-2012
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Database Administrator

The ability to answer quick questions of application behavior

The ability to provide information on particular configuration settings

The ability to evaluate and document the current application installation with recommendations for changes to enhance performance and functionality

The ability to recover the application if it comes off-line crashes and a simple restart of the server does not correct the situation

The ability to conduct software patching and tailoring of the application to meet complex analytical needs

The ability to install and re installation the Adobe Insight application

The ability to recommend, design and implement new configuration for new requirements or leveraging unused functionality

The ability to improve performance and consistency of query results

The ability to perform administration/architecture/data analysis using Omniture Insight commercial software

The ability to Assist Insight users become familiar with the tool and perform analysis

The ability to design and implement advanced design configurations for complex data-sets

Perform operations and maintenance of all Omniture Insight servers, report servers, and workstations for all existing and future capabilities

Ability to configure server clusters and user profiles for Adobe Insight

Ability to manage extremely large data inflows through Adobe Insight

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