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US-TN-LaVergne: Oracle database Administrator

Date: 19-Sep-2012
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Oracle database Administrator

* Install, configure, monitor, upgrade and patch all Oracle database and Oracle Application instances in the enterprise. * Install, configure and monitor all database back-up processes including RMAN, Archive Log generation/processing and stand-by databases. * Works with Engineering staff in designing, purchasing, installing, maintaining and modifying all production and test database environments. * Works with Development staff in all application interface design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. * Manages all platform migrations and version upgrades to include coordination with Engineering and Development to export data from source environments ad import into target environments. * Coordinate the installation, configuration and monitoring of both systems and business-level monitoring that provides 24*7*365 feedback on systems health. * Design and develop custom software/production technology to meet LSIís business requirements. * Design and implement solutions to solve business requirements using third-party hardware and software solutions. * Document solutions and train LSI personnel on implemented solutions. * Create/extend proprietary applications functionality using Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, Oracle Apps Forms, Concurrent Manager utilization and new Apps Responsibility registrations. * Define, install, configure and maintain all associated Oracle reporting functionality based on the Discoverer Viewer and Discoverer Desktop tool set. * Extend existing Oracle Apps functionality through altering forms, embedded form validations, and all related back-end objects. * Analyze, plan and perform all Oracle database and Oracle Applications version upgrades.

* Bachelorís degree or directly related year for year experience * 5 years experience designing and developing in the Oracle RDBMS environment * 5 years experience installing, configuring, tuning and backing up Oracle databases * 5 years experience installing, configuring, upgrading, patching and extending Oracle Applications * 5 years experience with Oracle Applications to include Apache server/Oracle forms engine, Oracle forms development, Oracle Apps Concurrent Manager, Oracle Applications debugging, Oracle Apps environment parameters (e.g. C, C++, Shell Scripting, Internet, Web, HTTP, HTML, XML)

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