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Date: 12-Sep-2012
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* Applies solid database administration skills for one DBMS. For this DBMS, is solidly competent in performing all standard DBA functions like object creation and management, writing and executing backups, performing a recovery, monitoring performance and has proven track record of installing and configuring the DBMS.

* Have a solid awareness of a project development lifecycle and where a database administration service fits in. Seeks opportunities to perform DBA tasks more efficiently. Serves as a technical resource to data administrators, application programmers, and testers in the use of the DBMS. Helps application development teams better deploy or use database tools. Assists programmers with loading or migrating data from various environments.

* Participates in the evaluation and selection of database support tools. May be responsible for the set-up or deployment of specific products. May function as a product administrator, working with the vendor, internally coordinating product upgrades and fixes.

* Performs physical database design, following team standards. Understands advanced physical database design concepts like database partitioning, de-normalization, buffer pool tuning, and index optimization. Has a solid knowledge of relational theory and understands the benefits and purposes of “3rd normal form” and star schemas.

* Participates in on-call production support activities. Is expected to handle all routine problems. Handles complex problems with little assistance from more senior staff. Has experience with vendor management and navigating vendor support (e.g., escalations, follow-up, etc.) to obtain resolution.

* BS/BA Degree, preferably in Computer Science or comparable experience.

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