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US-NY: Database Administrator

Date: 15-Aug-2012
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Database Administrator

A willingness to learn, and teach, and make a lasting impression.

3+ years working with clustered SQL Server (specifically MS2008 and Oracle 11g). Real-world experience with high-volume, enterprise class, production databases. Knowledge of database normalization theory, STAR schema design, and data modeling techniques.

Be familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures of Database Administration Overall database and data warehouse design, database implementation, backup, and recovery.

Ability to rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.

Be able to troubleshoot slow queries, overly complex queries, and make recommendations to developers on query planning and choices.

Technical architecture design decisions with particular consideration to security and scalability.

Experience with clustered MS SQL 2012.

Experience with MongoDB or other Document Store.

Knowledge of Map/Reduce.

Experience with in-memory dbs, such as Redis or Membase.

Experience with Ruby

Experience with Javascript.

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