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US: Database Administrator

Date: 13-Aug-2012
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Database Administrator

- Ensure recoverability of data through the design, implementation, and practice of defined database disaster recovery strategies - Ensure availability of data through the design, implementation, and practice of database high availability strategies - Establish and maintain the quality of data throughout the organization to support business goals

- Monitor database performance to identify database configuration, hardware, and SQL query tuning opportunities - Monitor database resource usage and recommend hardware/software changes as needed - Monitor database utilities to ensure maintenance policies are being achieved

- Provide documentation for database design and modification - Document established DBA-driven processes, work flows, and tasks - Adhere to all applicable team and department standards governing workplace performance

- Complete understanding and implementation of the fundamentals of the Relational Model including Normalization. - Database design and analysis 3 years minimum - Object oriented design and analysis 1 year minimum - SQL programming 3 years minimum. - Scripting Language (Perl, Shell, Java, etc) 3 years preferred - SQL Server 2005/2008 3 years minimum - DB2 LUW - 2 years preferred - Unix operating system. 3 years preferred - Experience with use of appropriate DBMS management tools.

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