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US-NY-Albany: SQL Server Database Administrator

Date: 08-Aug-2012
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SQL Server Database Administrator

* Perform security administration functions regarding user accounts and passwords. * Work in coordination with developers to conceptualize and create complex database systems, modifications, and monitor performance. * Advise management and developers regarding independent use of data and software tools for maintaining, operating and reporting on database environments, and database implementation. * Develop and maintain various database maintenance plans to achieve and maintain high levels of performance and proper backups of the database environments. * Provide and coordinate data reorganizations, conversions, and trouble-shooting of data problems. * Develop procedures for reviewing, logging and implementing access rights for files, databases and physical devices. Create, modify, and maintain database security environments, advise management and developers on various aspects of security measures and changes. * Install database software, design database data structures, review database applications, test performance, debug issues, document and implement operational procedures on Microsoft Windows Servers, AIX/UNIX/Linux Servers, and IBM OS/400 systems. * Participate in the development, review, testing and implementation of disaster recovery/integrity plans. * Participate in planning corporate-wide database and information resource requirements utilizing agreed upon methodologies and CASE tools to maintain repositories and provide data modeling. * Participate in the selection of database management software, systems development tools, and the establishment of standards for data management and systems development. * Work closely with the Compliance Officer to identify and apply appropriate security controls for user access to business information and submit updates to the Disaster Recovery Plan when system changes occur.

Bachelor*s degree in Computer Science or related field plus three years* experience in database administration for a similar-sized business using Microsoft SQL.

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