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US-CA-MountainView: Database Administrator

Date: 25-Jul-2012
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Database Administrator

* Develop and oversee the Security, Performance, Monitoring, Audit/Compliance, and Capacity Planning activities. * Provide technical leadership during the development and enhancement of products: o Incorporating inputs of with Engineers, Technical Support and Operations during the design, development and implementation of applications. o Work directly with the Engineering and Business Unit teams to develop both the physical and the logical database administration functions and assists in the development of our data logistics environments (defining how and when data moves from one locale to another). o Work with vendors in evaluating and implementing new technologies.

* Audit and approve project database designs, schema, and embedded SQL. * Maintain and publish database models. * Build scripts, database scripts, for automated tasks execution. * Forecast and diagnose problem areas. * Assist in disaster recovery planning and execution if necessary.

* 5-7 years of a combination of experience in MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or other related skills. The preferred candidate will have expertise in MySQL and MS SQL Server. * Intermediate to advanced knowledge of vendor provided Stored Procedures and skill in crafting stored procedures.

* Intermediate knowledge of Windows Server, Linux, and related scripting technologies. * Proficient in the scripting language of your choice (shell, Perl, PHP, etc.) for monitoring and custom automation. * Intermediate knowledge of reporting and query tools and practices. * Experience with NoSQL systems, Mongo, Hadoop, or Java is a plus. * Comfortable with system tools (iostat, lsof, etc.) and have a favorite file-system. * BE or BS Degree in one of the following subject areas: Computer Science, Business Administration, Information Technology or related field preferred. * Sound documentation practices and strong written and verbal communication skills. * Self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail. * Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment. * You understand best practices well enough to know when not to follow them. * You function well in a fast-paced, informal environment where constant change is the norm and the bar for quality is set high. .

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