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US-CA-PlayaVista: Sr Database Administrator

Date: 11-Jul-2012
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Sr Database Administrator

* Replication techniques for globally distributed data with various products in very complex SQL Server environments * High Availability / Disaster Recovery strategies, techniques and technologies * Monitoring and capacity planning * Thorough understanding of differences in design and optimization strategies for OLTP, reporting, batch loading and data extract environments

* Recognizing and fixing missing or fragmented indexes, indexes on incorrect columns too many indexes, wrong column order for indexes, wrong index type

* Identifying and correcting inefficient SQL code * Identifying hardware inadequacies and making recommendations * In depth expertise in various tools for different platforms and databases :

Must have solid experience in large complex enterprise implementations

Must have solid experience with VLDB environments

Needs to have solid ability to troubleshoot locking/blocking and other contention issues

Needs a good understanding of proper approach for managing different types of environments (dev, test, QA, prod)

Must have experience managing maintenance on large servers with strict downtime requirements

Must have a thorough understanding of differences in modeling approaches for OLTP vs. reporting environments

Must have a proven track record of supporting high-volume database applications and architecture, from initial database design into production

Excellent communication, listening and interpersonal skills

Must be a team player

The following qualifications are not required but would be beneficial

Experience with MySQL

Experience with Oracle

Experience troubleshooting performance with database servers running on VMWare

Expertise assessing performance impact of various SAN and local attached storage solutions

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