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US-UT-AmericanFork: Sr. Database Administrator MySQL

Date: 02-Jul-2012
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Sr. Database Administrator MySQL

* Desire to learn and advance the state-of-the-art of cutting-edge technologies including digital audio/video, big data, distributed systems, network systems, mobile devices and 3G/4G networks, cloud-based services, adaptive streaming media, and Digital Rights Management. * A desire to make a significant impact on the world,develop breakthrough technology, and ‘raise the bar’ for the television industry * A four year degree in CS or related field with professional software engineering experience, or equivalent * Minimum 5 years of experience performing PostgreSQL or MySQL administration in a production environment; experience should include three or more years of database administration in an enterprise level environment with very large(> 1 terabyte) databases. * Collaborate with others to determine and deploy database solutions to business-prioritized requirements, including business continuance and information security along with functional requirements. * Install, configure, and test new PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, perform version upgrades of existing databases. * Install, upgrade and maintain all MySQL and PostgreSQL-related server and administration software. * Perform DB profiling and optimization; analyze and propose schema changes to databases as needed * Proactively monitor activity, utilization, exceptions and database health; propose and deploy appropriate improvements; automate repetitive tasks. * Collaborate with Operation team members to create, publish and maintain database deployment methods and procedures for databases. * Collaborate with the Engineering to create and maintain database technology road maps and recommend improvements to service being developed. * Perform database backup and recovery duties; establish standards and schedules for database backups; develop and routinely test recovery procedures for each database; ensure that backup schedules meet the recovery requirements and conforms to all database and data quality policies and standards. * Provide support to Operation on-call staff as needed. * Exceptional knowledge of the PostgreSQL or MySQL database platform * Experience in software development using Python, Shell, or other scripting languages * Solution focused and methodical, careful attention to detail * Solid background using UNIX operating systems – Ubuntu or CentOS Linux administration a plus * Experience with Oracle database platforms is a plus * Mastery of physical database design * Expertise in configuring, implementing and supporting high availability strategies with database systems including clustering, and replication * Ability to implement Database security safeguards and audit them * Implement and maintain archival and high availability strategies. * Ability to work in a high availability production environment where unplanned downtime is not acceptable * Excellent communication skills necessary to be part of a highly collaborative software engineering team * The ability to dive in to just about any job and quickly contribute * A positive and proactive attitude toward finding solutions, meeting commitments, and assisting others, pitching in wherever is most needed. * A desire to work with exceptional people in a team environment where people work together to learn and to solve interesting and challenging problems

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