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US: Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL DBA

Date: 04-Jun-2012
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Oracle , MySQL and PostgreSQL DBA

* Maintain core Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). Regular monitoring and tuning of database systems to ensure uptime and efficient operation. Resource and capacity management working with Systems Administration staff. * Recommend and design relational schemas for new projects. Create new databases and tables and set up processes for populating them with data as appropriate. * Heavily involved in the migration of Oracle from Solaris to Red Hat Linux currently being planned. * Work with the software development staff to architect efficient, robust and sustainable solutions for access to database resources. * Ensure regular backups and snapshots of the database to ensure timely recovery of lost data. Respond to trouble reports and provide solutions to user problems. * Maintain offsite (out of state) database(s) and backups. * Develop and maintain stored procedures, views, and triggers. * Maintain effective processes for stopping and starting database systems. Establish access permissions and resource allocations by user or group. * Suggest new ways of managing data and metadata, more efficient techniques for data access transactions, new kinds of database technologies. * Accept project assignments from the Director of Data Management.

The minimum level of education and experience for this position includes:

* Bachelors degree in Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, or similar technical field and/or similar professional experience * Five years experience as a database administrator or other technical position with database administration responsibilities or equivalent, demonstrable experience. * Detailed knowledge and experience with administration of major relational database systems, such as Oracle 11g, MySQL and PostgreSQL 9x. * Strong skills in database concepts, including schema design and system tuning * Experience with writing stored procedures and triggers, e.g. PL/SQL. * Deep knowledge of UNIX operating systems with the ability to carry out administrative tasks * Experience with managing and coding of the programmatic database query interfaces * Expertise working with technical and scientific data is a plus * C/C++ coding experience * Java coding experience a plus * Good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to write meaningful documentation * Expected to provide effective estimates of work and achieve development milestones with relaxed or tight timetables

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