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Date: 21-May-2012
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* Taking ownership and responsibility for all of our databases. * Working with as part of the Operations team, with QA and developers on performance tuning and optimization, query optimization, index tuning, caching, buffer tuning, etc. * Troubleshooting and resolving problems with MySQL and other database engines. * Defining and championing processes to ensure data integrity and identifying and avoiding potential data errors. * Performing capacity planning and properly identifying required hardware, software, database configuration/architecture necessary to support application needs.

* Query optimization.

* Strong knowledge of and experience with replication between multiple database instances. Bonus points for experience with multi-master replication and active-active environments. * Strong knowledge of and experience with schema design and ongoing maintenance for both transactional and reporting oriented databases. * Experience with establishing and managing governance procedures around schema change. * Effective listener and communicator. * 3+ years of experience with database administration, support, optimizations and monitoring. * 3+ years of design and development of extremely high volume, high availability applications and systems. * 3+ years of experience as a MySQL DBA in a high volume, high impact transactional environment. * Experience in administration of InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines for MySQL. * Effective listener and communicator. * Strong understanding of Linux operating system, storage solutions, networking, security and web servers. * Ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with software, operations and QA engineers. * Experience with both eCommerce and Data Warehousing * BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

* Experience running datastores in cloud-hosted environment, specifically Amazon's EC2. * Python or similar language development experience. * Deep understanding of performance, unit and load testing instrumentation and analysis strategies. * Broad knowledge of common applications and technologies in Internet computing (web servers, app servers, database servers, load balancers etc). * Experience managing other DBAs.

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