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US=MN-MendotaHeights: Embedded SQL Database Developer

Date: 07-May-2012
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,Embedded SQL Database Developer

- It is expected this position shall be involved in the coding for these features as well as design and potentially some architecture. - This position also requires a strong background in embedded databases. This position will have a significant component of work related to design, layout, and performance tuning of what is currently an embedded MySQL database with multiple uses. There is also requirement for development of code within the Storage Manager product that will interact with the embedded database. This includes configuration, modifications, updates, and control of the database.

- Experience in scalable distributed file system architecture, design, and implementation. - Very strong C programming ability/C++ skills helpful. - Very strong with SQL and schema layout within embedded databases, MySQL preferred. - Knowledge of Linux and/or Unix internals is a plus. - Knowledge of Windows internals is a plus. - Experience in systems performance analysis and tuning. - Experience with replication, de-duplication, tape management systems and/or Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) is preferred. - Excellent communication skills. - Ability to work in a team environment.

- Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. - 5+ years of industry experienc

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