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US-MO-Kansas: Database Administrator, Senior

Date: 30-Apr-2012
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Database Administrator, Senior

* Provides technical expertise for implementation, upgrades, and use of database software, including utilities, administrative tools, job scheduling, and scripting. * Performs capacity management, including forecasting for space, memory, processors, and backup media. * Performs physical database design and construction according to best practices and business requirements. This includes performance tuning for queries and the database, balanced against proper decisions concerning normalization/denormalization. * Performs redundancy management, including implementation, upgrades, and use of replication software products and tools. Manages data according to retention requirements and policies, including utility-driven purge and archive processes. * Safeguards data integrity, access, and availability according to security procedures and policies. * Ensures business continuity with appropriate backup and recovery processes, procedures, and testing to ensure point in time recovery for all types of data loss, including major catastrophic disaster. * Provides 24X7 support relative to all other accountabilities.

* Bachelor*s degree in computer science, information systems, or a related academic field * 5-7 years of relevant IT work experience; or any combination of education and experience providing the types and levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities required. Competent to work at the highest levels of all phases of database management.

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