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US-NY-Lynbrook: MS SQL Database Developer

Date: 24-Feb-2012
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MS SQL Database Developer

Must have a strong understanding of the SQL Server database engine works, including but not limited to: Physical storage, indexing, physical database design best practices, and the Query Optimizer. Demonstrated ability to create normalized database schemas utilizing data modeling discipline. Understanding of normalization, de-normalization, and the difference between the two. Ability to both write good T-SQL code, and assist developers in tuning theirs. Understand the difference between T-SQL that just returns the results asked for and good T-SQL. Knowledge of Stored Procedures, UDF's, Cursors, Triggers, Indexes and Constraints. Understanding of various SQL Server features such SSRS, DTS, SSIS, XML X-Query, CTE's, Full-Text, Jobs.

Create and maintain SQL Server stored procedures and corresponding objects used by applications. Convert requests from different departments into queries and use SSRS to create reports for them. Develop, analyze and/or tune Transact-SQL objects to optimize server performance. Provide analysis and design guidance in database architecture.

Bachelor's degree preferred. Equivalent education and work experience may be considered.

Knowledge of C# and Object-Oriented Programming a plus.

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