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US-IL-Chicago: Database Administrator

Date: 03-Feb-2012
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Database Administrator

* A bachelor's degree in business or an IT related field or equivalent experience is required * A minimum of 5-7 years of experience in database administration is required * Must possess advanced knowledge of relational databases; ability to create table schemas, indexes, keys, rules, constraints, etc. * Must be able to write stored procedures, queries and work with non-SQL data sources * Must possess the ability to administer MSSQL servers, automate and monitor maintenance jobs, manage and maintain proper backup and business continuity and disaster recovery procedures according to IT policy * Must possess core knowledge of Microsoft technologies, including .Net 2.0, Windows OS, and MSOffice applications * Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required * Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required * Must possess the ability to work with and talk to end users * Must be able to work independently and thrive with minimal supervision * Commitment to character development values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility

* Manage development and implementation of databases in a distributed environment that addresses current and future business needs * Design, develop and implement complex data models using industry standard tools * Design, construct and implement physical databases * Develop, revise and implement policies, standards, procedures and guidelines necessary to effectively administer the database environment * Plan and conduct structured testing of database designs to confirm functionality and performance * Develop and implement plans to oversee data and database administration functions and ensure smooth transition to new technology * Perform routine and customary operational and monitoring activities to ensure the database environment is stable and performance is capable of meeting and exceeding ongoing business needs * Evaluate new technology and techniques to implement and maintain databases and database environment * Develop, implement and test backup and recovery plans * Assist with application and user support when needed

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