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US-TX-Austin: Sr. Database Administrator

Date: 01-Feb-2012
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The Senior Database Administrator (DBA)

Provides operational software support for internal and commercial applications. Candidate will be involved in analysis, design, layout and maintenance of relational database management systems.

Works with the applications development teams, focusing on the back-end portion of data storage considerations and performance considerations for application systems being developed. May provide guidance/training to more junior staff. Designing, Implementing and maintaining existing and future Database Infrastructure

Troubleshooting and resolving incidents and problems quickly and effectively Monitoring and Securing the Database Systems, including continuous risk assessment and reporting

Maintaining a collaborative and positive learning environment

Monitoring and Securing the Network Infrastructure, including continuous risk assessment and reporting

Project management and critical thinking skills to properly distribute and handle stressful workload effectively

Minimum Bachelors Degree or Equivalent Work Experience * Minimum 5 years

Performance tunes and writes code for database access, modifications, and constructions including stored procedures, views and triggers

Supports database platforms and helps define strategies for data acquisition, recovery, migration and archiving

Proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server database administration, data modeling, T-SQL. Ability to both write best practice T-SQL code, and assist developers in tuning theirs.

Can create normalized database schemas utilizing data modeling discipline. Definitive understanding of database normalization and de-normalization. Ability to create schemas for both OLTP and OLAP databases.

Must have a strong understanding of how the SQL Server database engine works, including but not limited to: Physical storage, indexing, physical database design best practices, and the Query Optimizer. Understands various SQL Server features such as SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, XML, Service Broker, Full-Text, etc. and how they are used.

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