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Date: 28-Dec-2011
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Application DBA - Database Analyst 4

- Must have demonstrated experience in at least 3 of the following areas: 1. Proven experience in intricate ETL development like Informatica, IBM Datastage, Oracle Warehouse Builder , Oracle Data Integrator or similar tools 2. Proven experience of large scale OLTP and DSS database deployments 3. Population and tuning of databases, ETL processes, SQL queries while meeting business requirements and clients needs 4. Hands-on demonstrated experience with PL/SQL and associated features and functions available within the language 5. Handling large scale Oracle databases (>1TB)

- Proven ability to troubleshoot and trace data related issues throughout the architecture - Proven experience with Agile methodology and understanding of SDLC in an agile environment - Demonstrated experience in meta-data management and data traceability techniques - Demonstrated ability to quickly learn, retain, and apply business rules and terminology, apply good interpersonal skills, and perform effectively under time pressure are critical skills required for this position - Excellent verbal and written communication - Must be knowledgeable in analyzing how Oracle resources are being used during SQL executions.

Experienced in utilizing the performance tuning tools like Explain plan, AWR, Grid control or similar technologies from other vendors like Quest. Understand and interpret the reports generated from tools and action plan to overcome performance issues.

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