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US-CA-Sacramento: SQL Database Administrator

Date: 28-Nov-2011
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* Maintains and manages the data dictionary and data model within the database * Develops and enforces policies, procedures, and standards to promote consistency of systems development in the data repository * May develop and analyze data distribution design alternatives consistent with the enterprise business and technical direction. Develops data models for applications using deliverables from the System Life Cycle's Definition phase that accurately support the customer's business requirements * Applies knowledge of data base access methods (e.g., virtual storage access method) to select appropriate configuration parameters for efficient storage and retrieval of the data * Analyzes space requirements to project the amount of storage resources required * Documents the data base design to support data base specifications that are understood and used properly by the application * Applies knowledge of logical data models to implement a customer's business rules into the physical design of the database * Applies knowledge of data base design constructs to identify impact on the performance and maintainability of the application system * Keeps current with continuously evolving healthcare practices, equipment and technology

# Bachelor's Degree # At least 3 years experience in SQL Server Development

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