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Verona-: MS SQL Server DBA

Date: 14-Sep-2011
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. The candidate will work closely with IS staff in the implementation of SQL best practices from a server design and maintenance standpoint. The candidate will also work with data intake and application development teams to design and optimize the databases that support our web-based and mobile healthcare applications. Primary duties will include but are not limited to the following: Production administration of SQL server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 R2, including restores, back-ups and other maintenance tasks, as well as security administration # Trouble-shooting issues, including errors and performance # Support software development environment, including change management for database objects, source control for database objects, and database design # Design and support ETL processes # Support for Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and Integration Services

# Minimum Qualifications Strong T-SQL skills needed # Experience with ETL concepts, trends, and how to use both SSIS and other tools to move data # Experience with support for reporting an analytical database environment # Experience with support for decently large databases (>100 GB) and very large tables (hundreds of millions of rows) # Ability to evaluate execution plans and provide recommendations for performance improvement # Experience supporting a SQL Server cluster # Experience with the concepts and implementation of data validation # Experience troubleshooting data files # Some experience in a .NET language (VB.NET or C#), in order to support and troubleshoot SSIS Script Task components, as well as the concepts for general Reporting Services reports is a plus # Powershell, or some other equivalent scripting language for when the database has to interact with the OS, and also for efficient administration is a plus # MDX experience preferred # Knowledge of concepts in VM and SANs that can be leveraged to assist reporting and analytical database environments is a plus # Good string manipulation experience preferred # A demonstrated ability to develop cutting edge solutions and to provide vision and clarity to all stakeholders is required. # Experience in database design work in CRM solutions is preferred.

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