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US-NY-Ballston: Database Administrator

Date: 17-Aug-2011
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Database Administrator

-Analyze, diagnose, correct problems related to the database assets

-Analyze server hardware needs and requirements for existing and future programs or initiatives, and recommend solutions as they relate to architecture and implementation of the database assets

-Analyzes complex data using a variety of database management software tools, and prepare reports on database performance, reliability, availability, growth and other pertinent info

-Develops and installs database software and builds databases

-Manages the installations, operation, backup, recovery and general maintenance of all database assets

-Develops, reports upon, and manages database and data security, including mitigation of security issues

-Documents installation and maintenance of database software, including the databases

-Develop and document data models and data dictionaries using standard modeling notations, including IDEFX1 and IE notations

-Provides technical support (product recommendation and configuration) as it relates to corporate database assets

-Resolves end user and/or customer issues as they relate to data or database assets

-Resolves database performance issues or outage conditions

-Continuously learn and improve upon IT related skills via self study, self discovery and/or company sponsored training

-Participates in rotation on-call duties, including after hours work/weekends, at the direction of the National IT Operations Manager

-General Level scripting ability (perl, ksh, csh or equivalent common scripting language)

-Proficient level ability using: Unix command syntax, Windows command syntax, General office tools including but not limited to Microsoft Windows based workstations, Microsoft Office suite, and general local or Web based software tools

-Proficient level of understanding regarding architecture, use, configuration, support and maintenance of Oracle RDBMS including Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g and beyond

-General or introductory level understanding regarding architecture, use, configuration, support and maintenance of Oracle related products, including but not limited to: Recovery Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Streams

-General or introductory level understanding of database principles for operating systems including all Linux variants (Suse, RedHat, CentOS, etc.), Windows, and Unix variants (AIX, Solaris)

-General level understanding of: The use of Oracle TNS connectivity; Security issues in a database environment

-Proficient level understanding of methods for backing up and recovering Oracle RDBMS databases, including incomplete and complete recovery, cloning methods and recovery to alternative targets

-General level understanding of debugging and tracing methodologies (including interpretation of findings) within an Oracle RDBMS environment.

-General level understanding of data replication methods within Oracle, including creation of custom PL/SQL, Export, Import, and DataPump

-Proficient level understanding in use and syntax of Structured Query Language

-General or introductory level understanding in the design, coding, debugging, deployment and maintenance of Oracle PL/SQL programs, packages, procedures and functions

Desired Certifications: Oracle Specific Certifications (Oracle Certified Associate) and MySQL Specific Certifications (Certified MySQL Associate)

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