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US-GA-Creek: Teradata DBA

Date: 08-Aug-2011
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Teradata DBA

* Must have strong Teradata DBA skills with TTU12 & TD12, TTU13 & TD13

* Must have strong skills on Teradata Active System Management (TASM)

* Must have strong skills on Performance tuning with DBQL

* Must have strong skills on Performance turning with optimizer & explain plan

* Must have strong skills on Database setup, account access, role administration

* Previous experience must include TTU software installation & upgrade on Windows & Linux

* Must be experienced with UDFs

* Must be experienced with Aggregate Join Indexes

* Must have PPI & Multi-level PPI experience

* Must be able to implement Multi Value Compression

* Must have very strong SQL Skills.

* Must have strong skills on Teradata system monitoring & administration with Teradata Manager. Viewpoint skills are a plus.

* Must be well versed with NetVault Administration - Backup & Restore

* Must have solid troubleshooting experience and aptitude

* Must have very strong skills on Linux (SUSE or Redhat) scripting

* Must have knowledge on resusage tables & macros

* Must have understanding of Mainframe to Teradata TDP connection

* Must be comfortable with Teradata load utilities - MLOAD, FASTLOAD and FASTEXPORT. Knowledge of Teradata Parallel Transporter is a plus.

* Other skills that are a plus are- Teradata DCM administration including PostgreSQL, J2EE container, IIS, Liferay Portal and Authentication bridge to AD

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