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US-Seattle-Washington: SQL Server developer

Date: 13-Jul-2011
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SQL Server, asp.NET developer

REQUIREMENTS Education: Four-year degree in Computer Science/Information Systems or equivalent experience. Experience: Prior experience developing with Microsoft SQL Server; ASP.NET; and basic application server configuration; proven effective and efficient analytical/troubleshooting skills and methods. Basic skills in Windows Server 2008 administration, including file system and network security. Basic skills in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database administration, including permissions configuration, database migration and log management. Understanding of health information security requirements: You will be required to complete or show documentation of completion of training in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Communication skills: Effective communication skills with English speakers is critical, both written and oral. Motivation: Willingness to work with minimal oversight; ability to understand the end-user objective and arrive on your own at good design solutions to deliver that functionality; demonstration of good judgment about when to solve problems with self-directed research, and when to call for help.

SPECIFIC DUTIES Develop and test programs and databases, correct errors and make necessary modifications. Create/maintain/modify SQL server jobs and Stored Procedures. Create and execute custom SQL queries to extract data from the system database and populate the web application and other databases. Plan, coordinate and implement basic security measures related to the web application server and the SQL database server to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized damage, modification or disclosure. Review revision requests and be able to estimate timelines for revision completion. Given existing user types, configure appropriate user access levels for each segment of database. Update existing data model descriptions of data elements and how they are used. Update and maintain system and code documentation, establish change-control procedures, and track technical issues.

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