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US-: Database Architect

Date: 04-Apr-2011
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Senior Software Engineer - Database Architect

* Develops module designs based on functional requirements. * Communicates designs in written form, and leads design reviews to solicit feedback and share best practices. * Mentors and provides technical assistance to more junior developers. * Designs, implements and supports software algorithms of significant size and complexity, including definition and validation of prototypes. * Designs, documents and creates unit and component tests. * Quickly understands and takes ownership of existing code. * Understands the relationship between good design and business value. * Documentation: Produces sufficient documentation to facilitate communication with members of both technical and business teams. * Project Assessment: Quickly and accurately analyzes medium-scale project requests for feasibility, risk, and level of effort. * Maintenance: Participate in the resolution of challenging and demanding problems within the development environment. * Code Reviews: Able to lead code reviews and provide valuable feedback on performance, logic, and maintenance issues. * Innovation: Actively contributes to lessons-learned exercises for completed projects. Suggests new technologies and approaches, often demonstrating and championing their use. * Design database applications such as interfaces, data transfer mechanisms, global temporary tables, data partitions, and function-based indexes to enable efficient access of the generic database structure. * Design databases to support business applications, ensuring system scalability, security, performance and reliability. * Develop data models for applications, metadata tables, views or related database structures. * Develop load-balancing processes to eliminate down time for backup processes. * Develop or maintain archived procedures, procedural codes, or queries for applications. * Develop and document database architectures. * Develop database architectural strategies at the modeling, design and implementation stages to address business or industry requirements. * Collaborate with system architects, software architects, design analysts, and others to understand business or industry requirements. * Create and enforce database development standards. * Demonstrate database technical functionality such as performance, security, and reliability. * BS degree in computer science * 7-10 years of experience * Windows server development using C++ is a MUST * Has extensive knowledge in and can mentor others in the best practices for secure software development. * Has a demonstrable understanding of the software development lifecycle Identify and implement processes to strengthen, streamline, and auto Application development and design experience for XML based applications using object-oriented methodologies * Strong object oriented design and analysis skills * Strong C++, familiarity with template classes such as Rogue Wave tools/STL and SQL language * Prior experience with UNIX/Linux/Windows * Strong ability to learn new technologies in a short time * Must have good oral/written communication skills

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