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,UK-Lansdowne: Database Engineer

Date: 14-Mar-2011
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Database Engineer

• Supporting the Company’s internal database infrastructures and providing the day-to-day administration needed for production systems.

• Diagnosing and resolving any technical issues with systems or servers as and when failures occur.

• Provide a point of reference for methods to resolve issues. Utilise a knowledge of problem resolution and SQL Server knowledge to provide support to the team when troubleshooting live issues.

• Providing pro-active management of systems to prevent unnecessary system downtime and to ensure data driven applications are performing and operating with the latest available data.

• Becoming involved with new product development at the requirements stage and maintaining visibility of project decisions during the development lifecycle.

• Reviewing and maintaining production systems to ensure they meet the demands of the business in terms of capacity and reliability.

• Ensuring housekeeping and data backup procedures remain suitable for the needs of the applications and data requirements of MessageLabs clients.

• Continually developing and utilising knowledge of technologies and skills relevant to the Department. As well as in database related subjects this may also include infrastructure, server hardware, networking and application software.

• Providing the Business with a point of contact for data matters and database support as part of an on-call rotatation.

• Highly experienced in the use of Microsoft SQL Server administration. • Experienced in the use of transactional and snapshot replication within Microsoft SQL Server. • Experienced in the use of Microsoft SQL Server Transact-SQL. • Experience of Microsoft operating systems, server hardware and networking. • Experience of supporting developers and technical end users. • Experience of supporting web and commercial database applications. • An attention to detail, consistency and accuracy. • An ability to communicate with all employees within the Business and to consistently present a professional appearance. • Experience of working in security aware environments. • A flexible attitude to working hours.

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