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US-TX-Austin: SQL Server Database admin

Date: 14-Feb-2011
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SQL Server Database admin

A. Ability to ensure that the database design and data dictionary are optimized to support the data storage retrieval and performance goals of projects B. Knowledge of database structures and theories, current database technologies, and data analysis techniques C. Ability to design databases to support business applications, ensuring system scalability, security, performance and reliability Ability to assess future technological needs so that databases can properly evolve D. Knowledge and experience with relational database technology; SQL; data modeling concepts, tools and techniques; and general business operations E. Expert with high-availability environments (clustering, mirroring, replication, etc.) F. Ability to work effectively with Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, and Visual Basic. G. Ability to create scripts to automate database maintenance procedures and to generate system reports H. Ability to provide input into standards and procedures for monitoring, capacity planning, maintenance, backups and recovery I. Strong experience in database migration J. Experience with conducting load/performance tests K. Ability to develop reports and cross references from the data dictionary L. Skill in communicating both verbally and in writing with customers and peers

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