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US-CA-Sacramento: Database Administrator

Date: 17-Jan-2011
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Database Administrator

* Monitoring and/or optimizing the performance, security, backup, recovery or integrity of database management systems.

* Developing a methodology for the ongoing assessment of database performance as well as the identification of problem areas.

* Providing leadership during the development and enhancement of production applications including working with applications, technical support and operations during the design, development and implementation of applications.

* Working with the IT department to build logical database areas and providing technical guidance during all phases of development process.

* Working with vendors in evaluating and implementing new technologies and installing new databases on a production system.

* Producing reports in SQL and Crystal Reports to assist users in utilizing the data in various databases.

* Working directly with managers and end users by assisting in designing custom reports, making necessary data accessible, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

* Validating and updating existing reports and creating and running new reports as needed or requested.

* Analyzing data to obtain and publish daily/monthly statistics relative to agency goals, objectives, and results achieved by individuals and teams within various departments.

* A minimum of 2-3 years experience in IT operations with a strong background in database structures, theories, principles and practices is required.

* A minimum of 3-5 years experience in Microsoft SQL Server is required.

* A minimum of 2-3 years experience building and maintaining Crystal Reports, including sub-reports, formulas, embedding fields within text and scheduling reports through Crystal Enterprise is required.

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