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US-IL-Chicago: Sr Sybase Database Administrator

Date: 05-Jan-2011
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Sr Database Administrator - SQL and Sybase 1. Serves as a strong technical resource to Systems management, project managers, data administrators, other DBA's and programmers. Has a thorough knowledge of one DBMS, and a basic knowledge of another DBMS. Where available, is industry certified in primary DBMS. Advises on the appropriate application of database technology to TU systems development. 2. Performs all standard, and several complex DBA functions including partition table space management, performance tuning, physical database design, data replication management, logical database design, complex recovery management, SQL coding and optimization techniques, etc. For open systems DBMS's, liaises with database software vendors on issues such as software upgrades, fixes and patches necessary for the software. Downloads same, and applies using good judgment. 3. Is fully cognizant of a project lifecycle and where database administration services fits in. Looks for and champion's opportunities for cost effective process improvements within the database group. Looks for ways to guide application development project teams to better deploy or use database tools. 4. Understands advanced physical database design concepts like database partitioning, denormalization, buffer pool tuning, and index optimization. Has a solid knowledge of relational theory and understands the benefits and purposes of "3rd normal form" and star schemas. 5. Analyzes database performance, modifying DBMS parameters to improve throughput and effectively utilize system resources. Monitors database resource usage, making required adjustments. 6. With administrative direction and assistance from management, leads the evaluation and selection of database support tools. Sets up product demos, and objectively evaluates tools. Coordinates the collection of feedback from other evaluators. Summarizes the input, makes cost conscience tool recommendations. Writes up the body of the AFE. May be responsible for the effective deployment of tools in the group. Sets up training classes and may function as a tool administrator, working with the vendor, internally coordinating product upgrades and fixes. Oversees or performs the installation and testing of database software upgrades working with the systems and applications teams. 7. Participates in on-call production support activities. Is expected to have the technical knowledge and capability to handle all problems (for the DBMS in which the Senior DBA is qualified) that may arise. Proactively puts procedures in place to prevent and reduce the severity of outages. 8. Leads in establishing and updating standard group procedures dealing with database design, naming standards, security, database access, SQL conventions, etc. 9. Performs other related duties as assigned. Qualifications

- Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related discipline or equivalent experience with SQL Server and/or Sybase database technologies - Minimum of 5 years experience in the design and administration of logical and relational data bases in diverse technological environments

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