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U.S. PHD degree graduates of the 8 highest paid

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U.S. PHD degree graduates of the 8 highest paid professional(Aug. 2007 - Sep. 2008)

1.Business Administration/Management:$81,438

2. Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering:$81,297

3. Metallurgical Engineering: $80,667

4. Computer Sciences:$76,630

5. Chemical Engineering:$75,659

6. Computer Engineering:$74,750

7. Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering:$73,292

8. Physics:$72,357

If these engineers have not promoted to senior management, retirement generally do not exceed the annual salary of $ 150,000

PHD degree graduates of the United States of the minimum salary of several professional:

1. Psychology:$49,374

2. Humanities):$48,938

3. Social Sciences:$48,487

4. Biological Sciences/Life Sciences:$43,916

5. English Language & Literature/Letters:$41,405

The average annual salary of U.S. lawyers for the $94,930 hightest:$143,620 Lowest: $64,620

Management of companiesand enterprises :$126,250

Federal Government:$108,090

Legal services:$99,580

Local government:$73,410

State government:$70,280

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