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How Effective are HR Round Interview Tips

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How Effective are HR Round Interview Tips

Interview tips are usually generic and are more effective if the interview follows a general pattern. Compared to the technical interviews HR interviews are relatively predictable and follow a less varied format therefore the interview tips for the HR interviews are correspondingly more effective. The interview tips about the HR interview cover various areas related to the interview. Let's take a closer look at each of them.
* Interview Preparation Tips
These are concerned with the preparation for the interview. These cover following points.

o Research
The research is a very important part and would cover finding as much as you can about the company, job and the interview pattern and expected questions. In case of a HR interview you should focus on the company and the interview part of the research as the technical aspects of the job are seldom discussed in the HR interview. The interview tips for the research phase can be very useful for guiding your research efforts. Although remember that the things that you'll need to know will also depend on the job and the position you are applying for and generic HR interview tips about the research part may not cover everything. You should be ready to improvise and modify your research according to your particular situation.

o Resume
Tips about the resume are concerned with how you should modify and customize your resume according to the job you are applying for. If you are appearing for the HR interview you would have most likely submitted your resume already. Make sure that your resume does not differ a lot from the one you sent previously. It's ok to add additional updated information but keep the change to a minimum. Also customize the advice in the interview tips to suit your particular situation.

o Preparing for Questions
HR interview questions are quite general and do differ from job to job. The interview tips and interview questions about the HR interviews can be very useful for you when preparing for expected questions. Just remember that although the questions asked are rather predictable the answers vary greatly and must be as original and unique as you can make them. Go through the tips and question / answers to get an idea about what kind of questions you should expect and how to answers them but create your own answers. In general HR interview tips about preparing for questions are effective as the guidelines and not as a substitute of doing your own home work.

o Asking Questions
You should ask questions during the interview. The tips concerned with asking questions during interview are about what kind of question you should ask and even more importantly what not to ask.

o Attire / Arrival
(both are 2 different points instead of / make it &) The HR interviews are almost always non technical therefore the out come would depend far more on your presentation as compared to your knowledge or skills. Proper attire and arrival are essential part of this. The interview tips regarding attire and arrival mostly cover things that are common sense such as arriving on time dressing professionally etc. But they can be effective to make sure that you did not miss anything important.

* Tips About Presentation
Preparation is very important for a good interview, but when all is said and done an interview is about presentation. This is especially true in case of HR interviews were the questions are personal or behavioral and not technical. The outcome of a HR interview would depend more on how you present yourself than on what you know. The interview tips about presentation are very effective and useful as they provide guidance about how you should conduct yourself during the actual interview. Let's look at the tips related to the specific parts of the interview.

o Introduction
The interview tips about introduction are about how you should conduct yourself in the initial phases of the interview. They can help you start your interview on a good note. As the initial phases of most job interviews are similar they are especially effective and relevant.

o Body Language

The tips about the body language can help you present yourself in a confident and assured manner. As the body language is important for all interviews in general and HR interviews in particular and the rules about the body language are universal and unchanging these tips can be most effective for your HR job interview. Although for maximum effectiveness you should practice and integrate the mannerism suggested by these tips so it does not appear as artificial or made up during the interview.

o Etiquette / Manner
The HR interview tips regarding etiquette and manners are also applicable in most if not all, interview situation and can be very effective by helping you make a good impression and avoid critical blunders.

o Answering Questions
These interview tips are about how you should answer the questions during a HR interview. They are effective as far as they go but you should take them only as general suggestions and not as absolute rules. Observe the interviewer's response to your answers and keep an open mind. You should also consider the duration of interview and time limit and make your answers shorter or detailed accordingly.

o Closing
Closing is an important and often neglected part of the interview. These can be very effective in helping you properly close the interview.

The effectiveness of the interview tips vary based on how closely your interview matches the interview that the writer has in mind when writing the interview tips. Usually the interview tips are written while keeping in mind the usual format of the interview. The HR interviews usually follow a similar formats and differences between the interviews for different job and / or different organizations are mostly only of the form. Therefore the HR interview tips are more effective comparatively. Obviously the interview tips will only provide you with a guideline and you have to do the actual walking.

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