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Final or Manager Round of Job Interviews - What

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Final or Manager Round of Job Interviews - What to expect?

I am currently preparing for the final round (3rd round, 2nd on site) of interviews for a position as international marketing manager in a large (Fortune 1000) company; they are flying me and my family (wife & son) to the area. Since this is a viable opportunity and I really want this position I would like to know what you think will be asked in this round, what are they looking for in this round (last round was with 7 people, now with 3 including 1 new interviewer, the CMO) What can I do to further convince them I am the right candidate? How do I Further Prepare?

Think of what you are bringing to the table ,and the love for you're work,I can do atmosphere,I am happy to be with the co. I will.make you money because I want to be a partner one day I have incentive and a go get it attitude .If I don't know something I will find everything on the subject .I am the one you want I am positive ,I am ambitious but the best thing I am a people person with the capabilities to do what ever it is to complete the opportunity or remove the obstacle. Be the most personable you have ever been confident but not a snob .Talk to these people like you were the friends that you always wanted and now have .they are the best friends of you're life .Shake they're hand as soon as you meet them,and when the interview is over .Let them know that are sincere as well.Leave with a smile """A REAL SMILE"""

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