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Management Question

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Management Question

This phase should actually be a breeze. The key is to understand that the interviewer in this phase WANTS to take you in. It's yours to loose. This phase could be done by any of the following group of people

* Project managers/ Program managers
* Project sponsors
* Steering Committee
* User Community
* Clients ( In case you are interviewing for a consulting company )

This interview could happen the same day or the next. This phase might or might not happen for contract jobs and even if it happens is more of a formality. But for full time employment, a management round is almost mandatory. This round as you might have guessed it just a matter of showing your soft skills. If you take out all the fluff, it boils down to the following.

1. Do your medium/long-term goals align with what the team/manager/company envisions for a person in that role?
2. Do you have what it takes to work with a team/Users?
3. Are you accomodative?

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