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Sapient Interview Questions Manager Round

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Sapient Interview Questions Manager Round

What about sapient?
Why you want to join Sapient? Describe your project?
How many members in team?
How to deal with dispute in team?
How to handle team?
Some one is not working in team, how will you deal with this?
You are on bench ,what will you do to add value?
What are your goals?
Where you want see after 5 years?
What will you do to achieve new heights?
What are your weakness and strong points?
What initiative you took in last project ?
Any extraordinary work you done in last project?
Can you stretch for long hours? How can you manage your personal if you have to stretch for a long hours?
What you will do if you are on bench?
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses? How can you overcome them?
What kind of roles you are expecting?extra activities?
How do you keep updated with latest technologies?
How you get the updates for oracle and SQL server?
What do you think about current slowdown?
When will it recover?
Tell me about your achievements in last 5 years?
Where do you want to see you after 5 years?
What are your role and responsibilities in current project?
Have you done anything in your project which prove that you are innovative?
you ever had dispute in your team?

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