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Manager Round interview Questions: Would you lik

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Manager Round interview Questions: Would you like to add anything about yourself?

While the final interview is the final interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee, this does not mean that the interviewer would not be testing the interviewee till the last moment. One another question that the interviewer might as is whether the interviewee would like to add something to the conversation, or even ask the interviewee about what they liked about the way the interview that took place and what they did not, if the interviewee is experienced and knows what the corporate world and the world of hiring is all about.
If asked to add any information about yourself, you should make sure that you once again point out all the positive aspects that make you a good option for the profile. Remember that if you are at the final interview, you have already beaten many people to the position and there are many chances that the final interview is only a formality, as you are already hired and they have only called the final interview for taking the documents and other papers regarding your professional life.
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