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Administrative Assistant Interview in Technical

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Administrative Assistant Interview in Technical Lead Round

* What type of office applications and systems did you use in your previous organization?
* Will you be able to work on advanced office organization management softwares?
* Can you handle multiple phone calls at the same time?
* What type of calendar programs and messaging systems did you use?
* Can you prepare purchase orders and deal with accounting tasks if required?
* Are you aware of the applications of modern office equipments and systems?
* What kind of fax machines, printing machines and copiers have you used till today?
* Are you able to prepare data graphs, spreadsheets and work on macro applications?
* How comfortable are you in handling confidential documentation?
* Can you assist the human resource management personnel in the recruiting process?
* How effective and accurate are you in managing your workload and daily schedule?
* How do you identify priority work and what technique do you use to finish it?
* Have you ever worked for customer service and complaint handling?
* Have you ever worked on training and induction programs?
* How expert are you at working on computer applications such as MS-word, MS-excel and MS-powerpoint?
* Have you ever dealt with the arrangement of meetings and company get-together?

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