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Bio-Pharma Interview in Technical Lead Round: How is the hiring manager assessing your technical fit for the position?

Hiring managers need to know that each candidate possesses the relevant technical skills necessary for the position. The keys to the technical questions that will be asked are in the job description.
Prior to the phone interview, familiarize yourself with the bullets from the required skills section of the job description. Highlight the points in the job description where you see the words required and preferred and begin thinking of examples where you have experience with those skills. Write your answers out and keep them near the phone for your call. You will be asked about the required skills set, so don't be caught off guard about these inevitable questions.
If there are required skills listed in the job description that you do not have experience with, don't worry. Simply state that you are familiar with that skill and a quick learner, and that you are genuinely interested in developing that experience. Many hiring managers will overlook a lacking skill set if they are convinced the candidate is a fast learner and has a genuine interest in acquiring the knowledge in question.

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