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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What r

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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What role are you ready to take in a group?

ifferent level of the organizational hierarchy. Share your experience and knowledge that you have gained in professional sphere in view to the question. Mention your willingness to work under someone and also highlight the potential that you have to lead a project. Make sure your answer is according to the profile of the job and your experience.
For a Team leader job, do not say, “I am ready to allow any one take the charge”. It would send wrong signal about you management skills. Vice versa if the position is for junior level then do not talk about the higher designation. You may inform that you would be comfortable in taking higher responsibilities in future.
You may say, “With my experience and knowledge I am feel that I could take on challenging roles. I would implement my experience in attaining optimum result for my group. I am comfortable in wearing the team leader shoes as I have the required experience. I also have no qualms in playing the role of a team member under someone more experienced.”

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