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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What w

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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What were some of your most important engineering achievements?

While addressing this question analyze your current position. If you are a fresher then highlight you academic achievements. You may say, “I have received Intel Science Talent Search/Apple Scholars/ Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship Program….” Also highlight any awards received after participating in any science competition or events of such kind.
In case this is your second job then highlight some of the achievements of your professional achievements along with academic achievements. If you have handled any project individually then mention them.
For mid-level or senior level professional highlight professional achievements more. The lesser the academic achievement the better it is. Start with the professional one. The interviewer(s) would like to know about your professional achievement in this case. If you share more academic experience then it would send an impression that you haven’t developed in the professional sphere. Remember to highlight the effect these achievements had on your career. Be short and do not go on mentioning each and every detail.

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