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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What i

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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What is more important to you, money or success?

Be honest and admit whatever you believe. If you say, “you like money” then it is fair until and unless you do not take support corrupt practices. If you think success is everything, then be sure not to say things like “Money is not important…” or “I can do anything for success…” In the first case the interviewer(s) may ask, “If we pay you less will you work?” This question may land you in trouble while negotiating salary. In the other answer it would send a wrong answer that you may engage in corrupt practice that may in future tarnish the reputation of the company.
You may always take a balance approach like, “Success and money I believe go hand in hand. If one is successful then he or she will be paid their eligible dues but if not then money will be hard to come by.”

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