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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What i

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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What is the thing you dislike the most in the world? Why?

Be honest to yourself. Do not oppose to things that you may have done in your life. The interviewer(s) is likely to cross check your dislike in the later part of the interview. Say about a thing that would affect the world or may pose serious threat in future. Do not say common things. The interview would not like to hear rhetoric.
E.g. - I believe that communication is a major problem. It has resulted and generated many issues in the world. We seldom like to hear but feel great given the chance to speak. If we can accommodate the thoughts of the other individual or what others are saying then we could bring in a huge change. Even in a company, if proper communication is followed then the productivity could be increased and ideal time may be reduced to a large extent.

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