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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What o

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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What other things might a candidate face?

One of my favourite techniques is to bring with me an engineering drawing of one of our products and ask the candidate to try to explain the basic components and operation around the drawing.
This is not as daunting as it sounds and it really shows what level of detailed understanding the candidate has. Candidates often expect a totally verbal interview and some struggle with this, especially candidates with a relatively practical background. These engineers often relate immediately to drawings as the universal ‘engineering language’ and seize an unrolled drawing like a drowning man seizes a life raft. It provides a different focus and it can completely change the course of the interview.
One word of caution here: unroll large engineering drawings with care. I once had a candidate who accidentally hit me on the head with a roll of paper in his enthusiasm to get to grips with the drawing!

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