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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What f

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Engineering Interview in Technical Round: What form do technical interviews take ?

This depends on the employer. In the interviews I have been involved with, we try to test general technical competence and the basic understanding of engineering principles. We often start by asking a candidate to talk about a familiar subject, for example, their final-year project. As an interviewer, I find this rewarding. Iíve recently had insights into areas of technology I previously knew nothing about. These discussions are also valuable because the interviewer can gauge how well the candidate explains technical concepts with which they are familiar, but the audience is not.
We also ask basic questions relevant to our business environment. For example, being in the energy industry, we might ask candidates to give some examples of problems faced by the UK in terms of energy supply. We might prompt the candidate if they are struggling or ask them more specific questions on a particular aspect. This leads on to more detailed questions where we try to see how a candidate applies their engineering background to something they may not be immediately familiar with.

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