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Interview Closing: Tips, Techniques and Closing

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Interview Closing: Tips, Techniques and Closing interview Statements

The way you (and the interviewer) close an interview is always based on the interview flow and
the atmosphere created during the conversation.
I would suggest that you don’t put all your energy on creating questions that could sound
‘phony’ questions.
As for closing an interview, try to select questions that are based on your sincere view about
the said job.
Closing interview questions
For example, here are some questions that show an interest:
• You may ask questions that are related to the projects/missions in which the company/team is
working on now.
• You can also ask questions on duties and responsibilities for the said job.
• What are the next interviewing steps – the hiring process?
• Are they planning to check your references?
• When will the hiring decision be made?
• Share the positive things that you know about the company.
• You can also suggest sending samples of your work, if appropriate.

Closing a job interview using direct questions and closing statement
You may consider adding other closing questions, if you haven’t already conveyed your desire
for the job. These are more aggressive/direct questions (make sure you do it artfully and
• Ask for feedback – do they think your background would be a good fit?
• Do they think you qualify for the next hiring process?
• You may also ask if there’s anything else you can do to present your skills for the job.
• Ask the interviewer for a business card or contact details.
• Ask if you may call or when they will call you.
• Share you thoughts – you believe that this is an ideal place for you.
However, don’t sound desperate or anxious.
At the end, you can find the right time to point out some of your top strengths as your closing
statements. You may do so, if you haven’t already told them why they should hire you, speaking
about your experience, qualifications and “value added” skills.
Closing a job interview – summing up
Remember to shake hands and thank the interviewer for the interview and the time you spent.

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