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Interview questions in management round

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Interview questions in management round

1) Explain to me about your project and draw a diagram to explain the various features and stages of your project?
2) What is your most memorable seminar can you please give a seminar on RDBMS?
3) Was there any situation in your graduation where you were praised exceptionally for your technical knowledge?
4) If you want to add one technical aspect to your project which can improve it considerably what would it be? Explain?
5) What do you know about XXX and Why not other software companies?
6) You said you are thorough in SQL can you explain me some security loop holes which can access the program and destroy it?
What do you know about the last question it was supposed to be management round and I shouldn’t get technical questions right no wrong they are testing your confidence level they might know the answer but they can sure spot out candidates who have less confidence and minimal technical knowledge.

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