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Microsoft Interview for Software Engineer in Man

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Microsoft Interview for Software Engineer in Manager Round

How do you find the 3rd largest word in a given string that is millions of characters long and he wanted me to give a solution in only one pass ?

public static void thirdLargest(string[] a)
{string fLarge ="";
string sLarge= "";
string tLarge = "";
string temp = "";
for (int i = 0; i <a.Length; i++)

if (a[i].Length > tLarge.Length)
tLarge = a[i];

if (tLarge.Length > sLarge.Length)

swap(tLarge, sLarge);<---write a normal swap function

if (sLarge.Length > fLarge.Length)
swap(sLarge, fLarge);


Console.WriteLine("Third Largest:"+ tLarge);

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