Creating New Database Instance Manually


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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by DBA team on creating Oracle database instances manually using CREATE DATABASE statement. Items in this FAQ collection are organized together to form a complete tutorial guide on creating a new database instance manually.

Ways to Create an Oracle Database in Oracle

Create an Oracle Database Manually in Oracle

Select an Oracle System ID (SID) in Oracle

Establish Administrator Authentication to the Server in Oracle

Create an Initialization Parameter File in Oracle

Connect to Oracle Server as SYSDBA in Oracle

Create a Server Parameter File in Oracle

Start an Oracle Instance in Oracle

Start a Specific Oracle Instance in Oracle

Start with a Minimum Initialization Parameter File in Oracle

Run CREATE DATABASE Statement in Oracle

Clean Up When CREATE DATABASE Failed in Oracle

Running CREATE DATABASE Statement Again in Oracle

Create Additional Tablespaces in Oracle

Build Data Dictionary View in Oracle

Sample scripts presented in this FAQ are based Oracle 10g Express Edition (XE) for Windows. The script in Step 7 failed due some unknown reason. But it might work on Oracle 10g Standard Edition.


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