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Remote Mirroring of an Oracle Database - Installation Guide

An easy to follow installation guide to install and configure remote mirror of an Oracle database on various operating system. It covers the following areas: Topics include: Remote Volume Mirroring Requirements; Preinstallation Tasks; Remote Volume Mirroring Solution Installation; Oracle Configuration on AIX, Sun and Linux Operating Systems.

Oracle 11g Database - 2 Day Developer's Guide

An easy to follow tutorial guide for database developers to learn basics on using Oracle 11g database server. It covers 7 main areas: 1 Overview of Oracle Database and Development; 2 Querying and Manipulating Data; 3 Creating and Using Database Objects; 4 Developing and Using Stored Procedures; 6 Working in a Global Environment; 7 Deploying a Database Application.

Progress Database Administration Guide and Reference

When administering a Progress database, it is important to understand its architecture and the configuration options it supports. This chapter presents an overview of the Progress Version 9 database.

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