ROUND() - Rounding Values to Specific Precisions in SQL Server


How To Round a Numeric Value To a Specific Precision in SQL Server Transact-SQL?



Sometimes you need to round a numeric value to a specific precision. For example, you may want to round values in your financial statement to the precision of 1000.00. This can be done by the ROUND() function with the following syntax:

ROUND(value, precision, type)

value: The input value to be rounded.

precision: The location of the precision digit relative 
   to the decimal point. 

type: 0 - Round to nearest value; 
   1 - Truncate to a lower value.

The tutorial exercise below gives some good examples of how to use the ROUND() function:

SELECT ROUND(1234.5678, 0, 0);
SELECT ROUND(1234.5678, -3, 0);
SELECT ROUND(1234.5678, -4, 0);
SELECT ROUND(1234.5678, 3, 0);
SELECT ROUND(1234.5678, 3, 1);


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