Loop through the Implicit Cursor in Oracle


How To Loop through Data Rows in the Implicit Curosr in Oracle?

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You use the FOR ... IN ... LOOP statement to loop through data rows in the implicit cursor as the following syntax:

  FOR row IN dml_statement LOOP
    (statement block with row.field)

Here "row" is a local RECORD type variable with fields automatically defined to match the fields in the data rows resulted from the DML statement. Here is a good tutorial exercise on loop through data rows with the implicit cursor:

   FOR row IN (SELECT * FROM employees
       WHERE manager_id = 101) LOOP
     DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Name = ' || row.last_name); 
   END LOOP;                                           
Name = Greenberg
Name = Whalen
Name = Mavris
Name = Baer
Name = Higgins


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